We need a team name

We are a new team and need a name. Our number is 4478V.


Vex Dee

plz no

I’ve always been partial to “Daniel.”

“Mira from VEX forum is a boss”
“Antichamber is a nice guy”
“We may not win”
“We aren’t the team you meant to be allianced with”

These are some quaint names the team came up with. Enjoy!

4478V - Vainglorious VEX Vipers.

I don’t know, I just had some fun with this list: http://phrontistery.info/v.html

the Circuiteers is our team name. Last year it was Spaz Attack because we named our bot Captain Spasma. Just do something nerdy

Nerdy names or straight up far-fetched names have the best value to them and the team. The last two years on my team we were “Spooky Scary Skeletons”.

OK, I’ll give you the best one: Pink Sparkle Fairy Unicorns. Thanks to Todd Ablett of West Van.

V8 (engine)

You could even have a chant - “Should picked V8!” That would be pretty fun during eliminations.

I think that already exists, so I would avoid stepping on toes. That applies to “VEXecutives,” as well.

Vulcans, valkhyrs, vulpine, voucher (out of here), viceroy vex, vulnerable…

Vacuous, voltage, vain, vultures,

Or anything that goes with vexy " "
Like vultures, velociraptors…

Hope that helps :smiley:

so VEXy it hurts

I quite like V8 actually, but we ended up going with
as our team name. Depending on how the referees pronounce it, we may end up changing it.

Thank you all for the ideas!

If I were you I would uninstall v.exe

“Technical support”

Go on reddit and find a username you like.

What do you suggest your teams’ attitude to be? More on the serious side, humor side, or in between?