We need everyone's help!

It was announced Friday that we made the top 10 finalists in a local Kansas City Battle of the Brains competition! The competition asked that students create a proposal for Science City in downtown KC. Our exhibit is Electi-City, it is an amazing proposal!

We have one week of voting, it ends November 14th, and you can vote once a day. The winners of the secondary division get $50,000 dollars! The winner of the entire competition gets to build their exhibit with Burns & McDonnell at Science City!

Please go to www.botbkc.com and vote for our Electi-City exhibit proposal! We are in the secondary division, Belton High School, the VEX community rocks and we hope you can help us win!

It is posted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram please repost and forward it on so we can spread the word!

Thank you so much in advance!

Voted :slight_smile: That exhibit looks pretty nice! I think I’ll spread the word to my friends.

My state has weekly awards for Athlete and Team of the Week and people can vote as many times as possible (there is a question like “What is 2+4” every time). If someone gets nominated for an award at our school, we keep voting and usually rack up around 10,000 votes (2nd place usually has 8,000 or 100, it depends). There’s no cash prize, but it’s really gratifying to win :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. Hope you win :smiley:

Thanks so much!

ill be sure to vote as often as i remember :D:D

I voted on five different e-mails.

Thank you so much everyone!

You have the support from Har-Ber Robotics down in Arkansas! Team 66 will make sure to vote as often as we can! Good luck Cyber Pirates!:slight_smile:

Awesome exhibit proposal! Ill make sure to vote when I can :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck :smiley:

Good luck!

Thanks everyone, we appreciate all the help!

Best of luck!

3 days left to vote after today, thanks everyone for the votes and kind words!

Two more days now, thanks for all the help voiting!!!