We need help with code. Asap

At our practice tonight (1/10/23) we ran a round of practice skills both driver and autonomous. After running the round we realized it was going to fast to control. We had our coder go in and slow it down (50 rpm) we tested it again only to find out that there was no difference. We had him go in and slow it down again (10 rpm) we still didnt see a difference. We even tried going into the negatives there was still no change. We had some of the best coders in our school help us. They tried to help us and nothing happened. Eventually we had to wipe our code and our brain and restart. After reworking our code it still made no difference at any speed. We tried tricking the code into thinking they cylinders (which are green) inro thinking they are blue or red that still didnt work. We unplugged and replugged all of the smart cables which also didn’t work. In the end we decided that at our next competition this Saturday we will have to just drive fast and uncontrollably and the autonomous will be off. If anyone could help us ASAPt hat would be great

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To get help with code… you need to post the code and any support information such as graphical configuration.

are you sure you were running your code and not just the built in drive program ?


I don’t think we have enough motors to swap all. I am also not at school so i cant send code till tomorrow .

Like jpearman said, it may be that you are on the wrong program, the changes you made are not being saved, or you are changing them in the wrong way. What I do when I have a problem I cannot fix, is add lines of code that will print a message on the controller at certain points. For instance, you might want the controller to print the velocity of the drivetrain. Another thing I do is isolate the part that does not work. So maybe I would take just the driver code out, and try that on its own. You could also try “tracing” where the command goes. You would look at where the speed was declared. Is it in the driver control? is there another command contradicting it further down the line? Please post it if you still have issues, and I or someone else will have a look at it.