We need help with our flywheel

We have a flywheel and whenever we shoot it, it barely flies anywhere. There is no friction and the wheel is not to high or to low. We have grip on our wheel and we also cannot afford flex wheels

Could you post a picture of your flywheel so we could get a better understanding of what it looks like? Gear ratio, compression, etc.


Sounds like you need to gear it up more, or change out the inserts in the motor to blue if it can do it if not leave them at green. If you deiced to gear it up more make sure to change the insert to a red one because the green doesn’t have enough toark to get it up to speed.
I would also talk to your programmer because sometimes it doesn’t set the speed to 100 percent (pct). you would do that by:
mortorname.setVelocity(100, percent);

I agree with 1908A we can’t really help you without being able to see it.

Spin up your flywheel and post the wattage. What is your gear ratio?

That’s pretty cool, but I’m pretty sure the laws of thermodynamics would like to disagree.

You are going to need to send pictures of it if you want help.


Also our motors keep overheating from our flywheel

And there’s no friction, yes?


Can you post a picture here so we can help?

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Yes, there is no friction in our flywheel

Please give us a picture of the flywheel. We can’t help you until you show us.

Also, 0 friction is only possible in the vacuum of space because air drag among other things is present here on Earth.

I’m not sure if you saw 9motorgang’s post above, but

Could you please send a picture? No one can help you if you don’t let us.

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