We need HS pillow bearings

Plain and simple. We need HS pillow bearings. I could have used them so much last year. For the tray extender or the lift. Thoughts?


not necessary. regular vex pillows are bad, don’t see why vex hs versions would be any better

just design better so you don’t need them


not true, if you check a lot of teams’ robots, there are pillow bearings somewhere or another. On ours last year, we had about 12, and without them we wouldn’t have a good robot

Well his points stands that you don’t need hs ones. If you need pillow bearings just use regular ones they should be fine


Do you mean HS as in pillow blocks for HS axles?


having HS pillow bearings would save lots of c channels from having holes drilled in them, and having pillow bearings that are stronger than the current ones would be very nice


If you feel so strongly about this, enter the make it real challenge


Yes, HS pillow blocks have been on my wish list for awhile. @JVN and I had talked about them when the HS shafts first came out. Maybe now that more teams are using it, maybe it can get pushed up in the VRC parts roadmap.


you can make one by cutting a 1x1 angle into a 3 hole long bit, and then mounting a hs bearing 90 degrees from the bottom. you still have to drill a hole though, and it isn’t the most robust solution.


You can make your own by drilling out the ls one. Can’t say it’s the prettiest but it works.


I love it. The less janky alternatives the better in my opinion.

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What about a piece of 1x2x3 c-channel and cut one of the sides off so it’s like a thicker half cut.

that works as well, but I see no reason it would be better than a 1x1 angle.

w. the 1x1 the high strength bearings are wider than the inside of a 1x1 so if you want it on the inside wouldn’t it not fit on a 1x1

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stuff won’t mesh properly in either of those solutions

would only be good for sprockets or something that doesn’t need a mesh like that


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the thickness of flanges do be there

i’ll show it in cad one sec

yeah actually you’re right it wouldn’t fit on the inside. would only fit on the outside if there isn’t anything else blocking the thick part of the bearing.

also if you’re using a high strength shaft, chances are this solution isn’t going to be strong enough so it’s kind of bad.