We were division champions in worlds but does not show up on robot events

When I went on robot events it showed that our team 9007K has not won anything at worlds. It shows none of the teams that won teamwork in the opportunity division. Robot events issue I think?

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I see you:

Maybe try again.

Also nice comeback from 4th seed alliance to Division Champions!

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We tried again, but still. It world not work

Hmm. I still see you.

What do you see? X the tab and reopen? Restart? Are you in VEX Via or website?

When you go to awards, you don’t see who won.

It looks like the scorekeeper on Opportunity forgot to autofill those awards after the division ended. I’ll make sure the right people know to get it corrected.


I see what you mean, the awards tab!

That seems like an error, since all the other divisions are uploaded. I assume you got trophies? Maybe @Dave_Flowerday would know?

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I can’t speak to whether they got trophies, but I just sent an updated awards page to be posted in the near future.


We got the trophies, it was delivered there at the division.

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