We won a tournament

We won a tournament, and know that it qualifies us for states. Does it also qualify us for nationals. I am in SC if that helps.


It should qualify for state. See the tournament’s page on robotevents.com . There is no such thing as nationals.


If by “nationals” you mean the CREATE U.S. Open, which is sometimes referred to unofficially as “nationals”, then you should check out the event on robotevents.



It has the relevant information. You would theoretically be invited to “nationals”, but given that there are 0 spots available in High School, possibly not (are you in HS?).


Despite bearing the “U.S.” name, the said tournament is not only run by a separate organization ( not RECF), but is meant to host teams from around the world. For some, it is seen as a consolation for teams not qualifying for worlds.

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I was not offering any commentary on the CREATE U.S. Open, nor was I giving a personal opinion on labelling it nationals. I was merely aware of the fact that some people refer to it as “nationals” and was attempting to help the OP by mentioning that fact.

You are correct, there is no real nationals for the US.


Thank y’all, my sister told me I qualified for nationals

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