Wearing down holes in Aluminum

Anyone have suggestions to prevent motors from wearing down holes in aluminum under high load? Our lift motors tend to shred our aluminum c-channels because they are pushing so hard. We tried reinforcing it with a steel plate but it just moves with the motor. I feel like this “give” could be a good thing for the motor because it allows for our bottom motors to engage a moment before our top motors, however I think it would be better to make it sturdier.

Is the shredding on the holes with axles or motor mounting screws?

the entire motor shifts as can be seen in this video. Look at the top lift motors. The axle is what is wearing down the hole.

Do you have bearing flats?

@Scarr yes, they are on the outside with the motor.

I would try mounting the bearing flats horizontally (such that the axles go through the middle holes) and using nylocks to secure the outer holes of the bearing flats in place. Additionally, remount the motor straight onto the metal and screw it in securely (perhaps with a bit of threadlocker). This setup would, however, require you to forfeit the shaft couplers.

@Barin Okay thank you! That sounds like it would be sturdier. Do you know if the bearings can fit horizontally within a 3 wide c channel? Also do the shaft couplers really have much purpose? We used them on our lift because we thought they would help, but what real advantage do they give?

Really if the motor is attached directly to the metal with the bearing flat on the other side of the aluminum, the screw-threads on the motor seat very nicely in the aluminum and prevent the grinding down of the aluminum. Attaching motors this way also helps keep them tight for longer.

Honestly, I’m not sure. If they do, though, it will probably be even more structurally sound. If they don’t… you will be sad and forced to put the bearing flats on the other side.

They’re not terribly useful. For the way that you used them, I think they would actually be a disadvantage because there’s added friction from the shaft couplers rubbing against the bearing flats.

I would honestly prefer if they had the square hole all the way through; that way they could be used to fortify axles and as long spacers.

They cannot

They can with a little sandpaper.

Or with some cuts from a dremel

Haha alright! Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Yep, we grind down the edges on bearings so often.

If using a grinding wheel to shave the bearing flats please be safe and have some toool hold the flat versus your fingers. Far too close to the spinning grinding wheel. Attach it to a c-channel and have the one hole stick out or use a pair of lineman pliers.

What fingers?

On our lift, we found that securing the motors was the best way to keep the axle centered in the hole. IMG_1437.PNG.jpg