Web Development

Hey Everybody!
I’m practicing my HTML and JavaScript coding. If anyone wants me to create a website for them I gladly will (just dont make it do advanced!)

please e-mail me at minirobotics@gmail.com for requests
if you want images or movies in your webpage you must supply them

Making content for a website is always the hardest part XD

ill now make graphics, i have found the miracle of GIMP!

o you know how to use the xmlhttprequest object? I’ve been trying to use it in a widget where I wanted to use AJAX, but I have trouble with AJAX tutorials.

i probably know just as much as u do but try going to www.w3schools.com and see if they have any more info, im pretty sure they would

ok heres the link: http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_http.asp

sorry i would edit my post but my edit page won’t load!

I was going through that tutorials and got stuck at the end with the server side script.

well i have not done that tutorial yet but i must say something that i dont thoroughly believe in but kind of makes my case: practice makes perfect

amen to that