I know that some people use the webcam from radioshack on there robots but i was wondering if there was another wirelss webcam that is a bit cheaper like under $100 that i could use on my robot?

nm found something better.

if u have a spare video camera lying around u could just use this a/v transmitter / receiver

ya thats pretty cool but you could get a wireless cam for like 50 dollars:D i dont no the site but once i find it ill post it

insted of a wireless web cam why not just have a normal usb webcam connected to a wirless usb transmitter. might be a bit cheeper.
and dose anyone know of a wirelss usb transmitter and reciver?

to the best of my knowledge the very first wireless USB hub has just been released, and it is a bit chunky.

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it looks like u would need to plug that into the wall though

I just stuck my macbook on it with the isight. I used skype to forward to my PC.


what about useing a wireless print server?

You mean using the USB on it to wirelessly forward a webcam to you computer? That could work! I have one, ill try it!