Webcast for NZ National?

Hi all NZ teams,

Just wondering if there will be any webcast for this year NZ National…

A link would be nice too

From what I’ve heard (not really sure) there is no webcast this year, but everything is being recorded and some MAY be uploaded afterwards.

One of the volunteers forgot to bring the cable to the venue this morning, so there was no live stream.

Does that mean we’ll be able to watch the competition tomorrow? I’d like something to do between our matches.

It depends heavily on if the volunteer brings the cable tomorrow.

Fair enough. If he does and you could post a link, that would be great.

We will try to have a stream up and running tomorrow but there isn’t a guarantee that this will happen. If it is, it can be found at justin.tv/KIWIBOTS but more information will be available tomorrow around 9am GMT+13

For the record, I have the cable in my car for tomorrow so that we will have the ability to do so.

We will be streaming the elimination matches for the Nationals today from 12pm GMT+13. The stream will be available from http://www.justin.tv/kiwibots