Website Awrd

When Vex launched the design challenge, the first thing I thought was a website award, well, we didin’t have a website award, but what do u guys think about it?

FRC has already its website award so we can have too! \o

I think a website award would be an awesome idea. Lots of teams have great websites, and having a website award could continue to promote professional websites throughout the VEX community.

I think in the same way, this year I’m planning to build up my first robotics website. When I finish I’ll show you guys.

Since people are stillk working on the design awards for next year, this might be a good time to discuss this and other design awards.

A website award would be a fantastic way to help spread VEX. I am usually disappointed when searching information and pictures about VEX teams, mainly because most VEX teams don’t have websites. The only way to find information is on the VEX forum ! VEX should create a website award. (or at least encourage teams to fill out a team wiki page) . This will motivate teams in china and around the world to present their team and encourage more students to join VEX.

I am 100% for a website award. But considering I am a certified web developer, I guess my opinion is bias. Oh well, go for it! And make it open to the college league :smiley:

Hey I’m very happy you enjoyed my idea! \o

Well I’m not a professional but I’m a web designer/developer too, and today I’m starting my team website, it will contain not only information about my tema(7015) but also about oteher brazilian teams \o)

ps: if I were you I would not expect information about chinese teams in the internet:D

Using a simple search of “vex robotics” and using the google translate feature I can find a number of announcements by Chinese teams (some of which are very interesting reads). I also came across an interesting Chinese site by “How Stuff Works” with a nice article about Vex.

Unfortunately, I no longer have any co-workers from China, but recalling discussions with them, I can’t think of any reasons there wouldn’t be Chinese teams on the internet.

As an example, I’ll point to which catches my eye for the cool logo, if nothing else.

I’ve said that just bcause every year I try to find something about them but never find, well thanks for the information ^^

I’m all for a website award. In fact, my team has already expanded the website from only FRC to include what we’re doing in VEX right now during the summer. We have an update page, which we update after every meeting. You can view it here. I would also like feedback in general on the entire site, because there is always room to improve. The entire site is:

Thanks for posting the link to your team’s website. I have looked at it before, but I really like the update page that you added. I really like the photos and information about the ideas that your team has been looking at for designing your Clean Sweep robot.

One of the things your team has been trying gave me an idea for my own Clean Sweep robot - I hadn’t thought about using the linear slides that way for the intake. (Don’t worry I’m just building it for home - I’m way too old to compete anyway.)

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing,