Website challenge, comment on an "Offical Posting"

RickTYler writes in the offical Q&A thread: This question came in via email:

"My team has been working very hard to develop a website for the challenge, and I just now noticed something that has me questioning it. It says that it should be a club website, but does this mean that it cannot be promoting an individual team?

We do have other teams in our club, but it has been me personally that has been doing work on our site to get it ready for the challenge, and to promote our team specifically.

I just wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t be disqualified or “marked down” for submitting a team, and not a club site."

Answered: If you have a Web site for just your team, that’s fine. What we don’t want is for multiple teams to submit the SAME club/school site as multiple entries.

Foster’s Comment Please make it very clear on the entry form on what you are doing. Downingtown Area Robotics has a pretty cool wiki site. Each team had their own page(s), outlining what they had built, pictures, etc. Each of the roboteers did their own page. While each team submitted their page, this confused the judging team, they thought they were looking at one web site. Remember RECF isn’t really set up to manage the concept of “many robots in many teams in a single organization”

Good luck!