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I have made a website and entered the website challenge. However, as I am making the resources page, I wondered if the images (specifically the first 3 images) are copyrighted and cannot be used. I don’t want my website to get DQed because of copyright issues as I have put in a lot of effort in constructing the site.


Take a look at this:

@73335T As a judge for the website online challenge, you should be okay. Many websites, if not all in the online challenge use logos from VEX and other companies. Even when I was participating in the website online challenge, my website that won two years in a row had many similar images and logos from VEX. As @Deicer added, the style guides in the marketing assets page is a great resource to make sure you are following VEX’s standards when it comes to using their logos and such. As long as the digital assets are being used properly and are not being represented as your own, there shouldn’t be a big issue. Being DQ’d for copyright issues is uncommon, and would only happen in extreme circumstances. I have never DQ’d anyone for copyright infringement, so maybe @tweber could elaborate more on this and what would constitute copyright infringement in the website online challenge. I hope this was helpful.


Awesome! Thanks.

I also got one question that is totally unrelated, but as you won the website challenge two years in a row, how do you think that our team’s website would do in tge challenge?

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I can’t say for sure if your website will become a finalist or even win the challenge, however, your website is really good. As for the judging requirements, you include every single one of them. The only thing that I noticed that wasn’t included, (which is a bonus according to the challenge description page) is recognition for sponsors, teachers, mentors, and schools. As long as the requirements are met and you followed the judging criteria, you should be good. It is also a good idea to go back and look at past winners’ websites which I put together a comprehensive list of every winner in the history of the RECF online challenges.


I’m just going to say one word YEET

What website maker thing did u use

I coded my website using HTML. I use additional templates and snippets tho


I don’t know if you noticed or not, but you would see a short description for every person on the about us page if you click on the person’s picture. Does the description of the coaches count as recognitions?


I missed the short descriptions as they weren’t obvious to click on and I also didn’t see your mentors (the word mentors is misspelled by the way) that you listed on your website, probably because I thought they were part of the team members directly above that and moved onto the next part of your website. Don’t worry though, when I go through and judge for real, I take my time.


But how did u use HTLM

Google is your friend

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Great! Thank you :smile:

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why though. …l…,.,.,.,.,.