Website Making Online Challenge Q's

“Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge”. That is the Website Building Online Challenge for this year. I’ve always wanted to participate in this and now I have the chance. However I have a few questions.

Are you allowed to use websites like WIX to make the website? Are you allowed to use web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? (I honestly hope we aren’t allowed to use websites like WIX because that just seems unfair. Some people actually want to program this. But that’s if programming the website is even allowed.)
How do we turn in our website? Do we just give them a URL address? If you programmed the website, then do you send them your files of code?

One kinda off topic question but whatever: Is it true in order to get excellence award, you have to complete more han 3 online challenges?

Thank you for answering in advance! -Inventor Inventor

This is the challenge from last year:

This is what they are looking for:

How well does the website tell the story of the program, provide recognition for sponsors, teachers, mentors, and schools?
Does it provide information for outsiders wanting to learn about your program?
Is the website attractive and easy to navigate and does it have a unified design?
Does the website have a clear, easy-to-use layout, good structure, and consistent use of colors, menus, and imagery?

Last year’s winner was a WIX site.

Ok then. Good to know. I’m probably going to try to program one, but if it doesn’t work then there’s WIX. Thank you for answering.

Hello @Inventor Inventor
(I was the one who won the online challenge the past two years). You are allowed to use whatever you like whether it is coding or drag and drop like WIX to make a website as long as it is accessible through a URL. They will not accept files of code.

I believe you have to enter at least two online challenges to qualify for excellence at Worlds.

Ok. Thank you very much for your feedback!