Wedges for my chassis

What should my wedges be made out of and what angles and lengths should it have as a triangle

Yes image

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  1. You can make the wedges out of polycarbonate and hinges
  2. Angle and length can vary, it depends on you. I’d probably go for a 45-60 degree

Thanks, that really helps but how can I bend polycarbonate and the metal that supports it on inventor pro 2020

You don’t have to bend the polycarbs for the wedges (you can, but not required). You can use hinges to connect the polycarb to the c channel, and drill holes to screw the polycarb on


Are you talking about wedges or side protection? Side protection like 929U TP or Wedges like 62A ITZ?

If you want side protection, just put some Poly Carb on hinges with a 3x3 plate below the base with 2" standoffs.

For wedges, I would recommend High Strength Axles. Look at the CAD library below for some more ideas. They all do these differently.


Side wedges are usually used to prevent teams from pushing your robot sideways across the field. These are angled to be as close as possible to the ground to also prevent any wedges that are used for pushing to take effect. These wedges are usually made out of either polycarbonate or plate depending on how you want them built.

As for back wedges, these are usually offensive in trying to push teams around effectively. They should also be as close to the ground and possible. The angle on them usually depends on your base style, so you might have to play around. As @Max_Johnson03 mentioned, using a drilled out High Strength axle serves well for back wedges.

Below is an example image on how we personally set up our side wedges and back wedges on our base:


Yeah thats what I was going for. The CAD library is helpful though to get different ideas