Wednesday Vex Worlds Question

Our team has qualified for the first time for Worlds. Now we must figure out how to make this happen within our means. Luckily we are from Indianapolis, so it’s only a 2 hour drive.

My question: To save on hotel costs, would it be possible to drive down Thursday morning? According to the schedule, Wednesday is just registration, inspection, and skills field. All of this is also on the schedule for Thursday before noon. Would we be missing anything significant if we did not arrive until 7:30am on Thursday? I’m basing this all on the 2015 schedule, but I assume it will be almost identical.

Thanks for any advice!

I don’t know if registration and inspection are held on thursday as well, but I don’t remember anything important happening until thursday (aside from registration and inspection). I would definately recommend that you go on wednesday though, if you can, simply because its an icredible experience and it’s great to just take a whole day to get setup and soak it all in.

I can’t seem to get quoting to work from this post… but something important in here about Wednesday. I don’t know about teams that arrive on Thursday (and there are many that do that). Do they forfeit being considered for a design award? Should it be more prominent in the Vex Worlds schedule?

Last year, when I was on 62, we turned in the notebook on Thursday.

Honestly, we got there Thursday last year because of our district not scheduling things right and they had us come in on a late night Wednesday flight. We first got to the exposition center and felt very rushed because we had to unpack, practice, and get everything ready by 12 and it was just a struggle.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I always believe in making full use of Wed.
You will have time to settle down in your pit, get your robot clear inspection and do some fine tuning of your autonomous program. And of course, do some preliminary scouting as well.

So there are a lot of things that can happen on that Wednesday :slight_smile:

Ya get there Wednesday. As @meng said, you wanna have all your pit setup done before Thursday as you wanna be in line ASAP Thursday for inspection. It’s also gonna relieve some stress for you on Thursday. I don’t think that skipping a day of worlds is very smart.

Thank you guys for the replies, and the information and opinions are helpful. I guess my real question though was is this possible, not is it desirable. We receive no financial support from our school, and some of our students struggle to pay for a team t-shirt. We’ve gotten by through sponsorship and fundraisers, but 5 hotel rooms at 100 dollars each is $500 we won’t spend if we don’t have to.

If we leave Indianapolis at 5am, we can be at the venue by 7am on Thursday. From what I’m hearing, this is not desirable, but will work. Please correct me if I’m wrong and that we have to be there on Wednesday.

I would post to the official worlds Q&A and get clarification on the design notebook thing.