Weekly Challenges 2020 - Week Four - 6 April to - 12 April Make us a board game

This idea was from @Railgunawesome from the ideas thread. THANKS!

Take any one of the official VEX FVC, VRC or VEXIQ game from a prior season or the two 2020-2021 “unofficial” games “Champion’s Bridge” or “Frisbee Frenzy” (note first seasons were played under the FVC name) and turn it into a board game. You may not make up a different game.


Games must be easy to play, so look at your average middle school student. You can have variations in the rules for different age levels.

Games must take a reasonable amount of time to play. I don’t have much of an attention span so games like this (The Notorious Board Game That Takes 1,500 Hours To Complete) are not going to rank high in prize scoring.

Games should be at least two to four players but you can have more.

We are looking for interesting game pieces, board elements, cards, etc. But in test play I did a sample of my favorite game of the two robot (1V1) Clean Sweep with green M&M for the balls, brown M&M’s for the footballs and marshmallows for the big objects along with two dice. So things around the house work :cookie:

Strategy: Some level of strategy is required, in my test game, you had a choice of rolling on your turn defense or offense. If you did offense, then the roll was how many balls went over the wall. But if you rolled for defense, then that count of balls would be blocked on the other players next offensive roll. A reminder that we are not @Karthik, so 8 strategy move ahead planing like you would do in Chess or Risk isn’t needed.

Lifelike game play: Elements like “Forgot to turn your robot on”,“DQ for pinning”,“Red Screen of Death” are fun, just don’t get carried away.

Tournament option: You can have people play either one game and be done, or multiple games to get to a final winner (BO3 lives another day, not playing BO12)

“I want to play that!” is important, but the “I want to play that again!!” is more important.

If you have game elements they need to be build-able by others, printing on card stock at home, etc. Game board, game elements, etc. must all fit on a standard 3’ x 3’ card table.

There may be an optional prize if you have a way for players to be remote.

Entries are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday 12 April EDT.

There will be a delay in prize awards due to wanting to play games to try them out.

Oh and feel free to do Clean Sweep, I did a small test version, using dishes for the goals, please show me your best effort!


VBG Turning Point Board game Manual.pdf (99.3 KB)
VBG Turning Point Board Game.pdf (43.8 KB)

I hated having to copy paste every single ball and cap. But it was really fun to make. Any patches to the game manual will be made by the BGC (board game comitee aka me)


Introducing VexOpoly: The game that is fun for both hardcore Vex competitors, and their families in quarantine that don’t have another choice but to play.

Here is the Field:

(Sorry for any misspelled words. Photoshop doesn’t have spell correction)

Here is the Google Drive:
(I will update more as I finish, I just wanted to post since I finished a bunch of it)

For game pieces, I planned on 3D printing small versions of scoring elements, but my 3D printer’s nozzle started leaking as I printed the Vex Scuff controller. I will update this if I fix it.

Also, I know this really doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the challenge because it isn’t original but I thought it was fun so I made this. I hope you guys enjoy.


Quick fix is the cards need to refer to what they are. The @DRow card isn’t a utility, it’s part of RECF, there should be four of them.

Money, make it be channel, motors, etc.


Just a quick bump you have about 54 hours to get your game and submitted!

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Here’s the document for my gameboard: VEX Gameboard - Google Docs

It includes the rules, gameplay, and board.

Here are the game pieces and sample cube for matches:

(The red cube is the sample cube)
Each game piece represents a team that I personally know, so it is encouraged for players to also make their own pieces to represent their teams. The cubes for matches can be replaced with any similar 1cmx1cmx1cm cube if a 3D printer is not available.

The game includes a couple of experiences that my team and I have had, so feel free to ask about anything that catches your eye. Hope you enjoy :blush:


I like the staring contest mini-game. Who hasn’t seen that one attractive person at comp? :eyes:


buddy ur talking abt people at an event where the standard food is pizza and fruit roll ups


Buddy, you haven’t seen our teammate @66661A :joy: We got chosen for alliance selection cause she was hot.


That’s funny. Freshman year I let my boy pick alliances because I was busy, and he picked a team with a girl who was pretty attractive. I’m convinced she was only there for the alliance selections, because I never saw her doing anything else when we ended up together.

Edit: @PhoenixGold; was hot?

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Can we take this someplace else please, thanks!



Fixed this for you.


Thanks to the people that entered the contest. I have three guest judges playing the games and I hope to have a winner this time on Tuesday.



Where did you get that mighty fine avocado from? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Hey @Foster, even though I didn’t compete, I’m just wondering whether you had chosen a winner for this competition yet? :blush: The submissions were pretty good this time around!


From a mighty fine middle school team :wink:


Sorry for the delay in announcing this. The judges had played all the games and TBH I thought I had posted it.

We have dual winners: @Railgunawesome Turning Point and @Max_Johnson03 VexOpoly. The testers liked both games. I was impressed by @CreeperHugger’s printed game elements.

If the two winners can contact me with their $40 part orders for VEX, I’ll get them ordered and shipped out. There isn’t a hurry, I know that the real game for 2020-2021 is hours away from being release, you can wait until after you’ve started your builds.

Thanks to everyone that entered, and again thanks to everyone that entered all the challenges!