Weekly Challenges 2020 - Week Three - 29 March - 5 April - Make us a claw (2 Part Challenge)

Back on track for Sunday to Sunday tasks!

This week is a two part challenge.

  1. Create a weird shape for a game element. You’ve seen them before in games. The Star from Starstuck and my personal favorite Hexball from Crossover A ball with a stick through it, game element by gluing together ping pong balls, your pupper’s fantasy toy? Only limit is it must weigh less than 5 oz. So sorry that tractor hub with welded 2" pipe spokes 5’ long isn’t going to work (And note I said your pupper, not your secret dragon :dragon:)

  2. Make a “claw” to pick it up. And in GDC like format, the claw must have more than 2 fingers. :confounded:

Bonus points:

  1. Publish your game object by Tuesday 11:59 PM (this will give people a chance to pick up YOUR game element, welcome to the GDC!) You need two pictures of different sides and a written description with dimensions. Need to say how you made it, materials etc.

  2. Bonus for picking up your game element and one published by another roboteer. This means your claw can pick up both.

As with last weeks challenges, any materials will work. Your object can be anything, including VEX parts.

Your claw material is also open, the materials you have on hand. Most of us are in lock down, and with craft stores being non-essential in lots of places, this will be hard. Use what you can find.

Remember the hard limit, don’t take other people’s stuff apart to make this work. :slight_smile:


Reminder that your game object is due today.


I got a question “Do all the fingers need to move”.

The request was for more than two fingers, no limit on how many of them need to move.

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Sorry for the late response (anyone else also doing Real World Design Challenge?), but here are some pictures of my claw and game element. The game piece is a mini 3D printed baby Yoda and the claw is made of Legos and a syringe hydraulic system.

Here’s (another poor quality) video of the claw working: Hydraulic Lego "Claw" - YouTube

Hope you still enjoy :grin:


I’ll try to get mine in tonight. I really apologize but I’ve actually been quite busy. :slightly_frowning_face:


Okay, with climate change :earth_americas: being a huge problem, limiting plastic usage and reducing existing plastic is an important step. So with that being said, my game element is… a plastic water bottle :sake: (they are oddly shaped if you think about it). This puts a spin on the game itself- incorporating real-world applications and encouraging the younger generations to help clean up the environment :evergreen_tree:.

(Also I made the mistake of making the “claw” the same size as my hand which was barely big enough to hold the bottle :baby:)
The claw, as you just saw, is a “bionic” hand. What’s more versatile than a human hand?




I again apologize for taking so long and apologize even more for such a crude claw but I hope this was somewhat enlightening.


Thanks for the two entries!

I liked @PhoenixGold entry, the “disposable” water bottle has become one of the biggest blights on human society with both the monetization of clean water (something that runs out your tap for under a cent, companies have dug deep wells and literally sucked the water away from families, and to costing $5 each in times of disaster) to the plastic disaster that has created floating islands in our oceans, clogs our landfills and is super hard to recycle. It’s a great project and I liked their implementation of it. I’ve seen similar, we did a maker saturday project with kids that built hands based on this instructable.


But this weeks winner is @CreeperHugger and the syringe hydraulic system claw. Pretty clever.

Of course they could both be frankenmashed together as shown in this video (Amazing Syringe Robot Hand DIY - YouTube) of a cardboard hand with each finger driven by a syringe hydraulic system.

@CreeperHugger Contact me on how to get your $50 worth of VEX parts.