Weekly Challenges - Future Challenges

I’ve worked on some challenges for you Vexers can work on. I have a few weeks planned, but this thread is just for suggestions for a CHALLENGE. Not for chit-chat, just for you to post your challenge ideas.

Overall challenge rules:

  • Something everyone can participate in. This means if you need $1000 worth of IQ or $10,000 worth of VRC parts, that won’t fly.
  • Something that’s fun
  • Something that makes people think
  • Should have some robotic aspect, but flexibility is appreciated
  • HS and MS and ES appropriate
  • Time is reasonable - so rendering VEX worlds is out, @conner has logged 2.3 million hours on his, we don’t have the time

Judges rulings are final

On the other hand, I’m looking for guest judges that want to participate. So I’m looking at people like @oliviaresi, @Anomalocaris, @Ciaran-N and others to help pick. If you want to be a judge (and self isolate yourself) send me a PM titled say “I want to be a judge”

This is meant to be fun.

Challenges will start on Monday, end on Sunday at 11:59 PM EDT (aka Foster time). Awards will be given out before the next challenge is announced.

Again, this thread is for your ideas for a contest. Other chit-chat in this thread or the official competition threads will get you banned for any competitions. Read that again, Other chit-chat in this thread or the official competition threads will get you banned for any competitions.


Not saying this will sway the judges, but hearts given to an entry may be used as a tie breaker

3 - 2 - 1 GO!


I’m confused are we supposed to suggest challenges?


This thread is to propose challenges. I have limited imagination, so while I have ideas for a few weeks, I’m looking for other challenges.

Judges are wanted to help pick the best entries. I hate to judge stuff, since there are so many good things out there, I want help to pick.

@4869Robotics – good question, thanks. Others please PM me with questions and I’ll try to post better answers.

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You know the idea of the VEX Make it Real Online Challenge, where the goal is to make a part fulfill a specific purpose well? I’d like to see a parody of that, where the goal is to use an existing part and use it poorly (i.e. wheelie bar battery, 84-toothed wheel). You would have to write a report of about 300-400 words parodying the design process, with slight bonus points for either a video demonstration or CAD demonstrating the part. The two things that humans never have a lack of is imagination and stupidity, so this challenge would be a great way to incorporate those two!

/i’m not saying you’re stupid, i’m just saying that we all make careless mistakes at times.

Other than that, I’d like to see something related to logic gates. Maybe have a grid, where players can choose which square they take, and then either have and AND/OR/XOR statement, and make that into a game?


I am going to launch a clearing house for grass root challenges in the next day or two … I have hinted about it and I think the time has come. Will post tomorrow afternoon (Eastern time) the link for the site - still being reviewed but better raw than not at all.

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I would love to see a game reveal animation challenge. It was my favourite online challenge but they pulled it a couple of years ago, would be great to see it return, albeit unofficially.


according to google, that’s 262.5 years


He has helpers so it’s the combined time of multiple people

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A F4 CADathon using VEX parts would be neat. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/7th-bi-annual-f4-cadathon/360628


Just by the way, I think you mean @Connor.


Greetings roboteers.

I think I missed the mark with trying to create general challenges to fill the gap between late March and the 2020-21 challenge announcement.

There were some responses to the sticker challenge (with some very creative entries). There was only one entry for the make something that moves entry (Week Two).

There wasn’t any entries into this weeks entry on the object that you needed to pick up.

So I’m going to let this weeks challenge run to see what happens, but I’m going to guess that this week will be the last release. I had allocated $500 to do the 5 weeks of challenges, I’ll cycle the rest of the challenge dollars into my annual challenges.

Thanks for everyone that participated, hope you are all staying well and more importantly staying busy!


Maybe a challenge could be to make a board game about a past vex season.


I would totally do that. That would be awesome.

Oh no! I really have been enjoying the challenges so far! It’s possible that involvement has been minimal from the lack of materials… could we possibly have more online based challenges like retelling stories from VEX experiences to teach a lesson or designing VEX games?


This has been true for me. I haven’t been able to participate simply because I dont want to take my TT bot apart. (It was for nationals but nationals for cancelled but my bot hasn’t competed yet so I dont want to break it apart) :(((


^The issue more for me was the 5 ounce restriction. If it was a pound, I had the perfect idea, but 5 ounces is very light. A cube from last year weighed twice as much.


I’m trying to keep the challenges geared for both IQ and VRC robots. 5 oz was a good medium between the two.

As far as construction goes, you were not limited to VEX parts. The intent was people had access to other things to build with.

For example we got a great fish sculpture. They used Lego motors to make it move. I worded the challenge very carefully to say it “had to move”. So a wind driven sculpture off of a fan / hair drier / heat gun / would have worked.


So sorry to hear this is winding down - it was a great idea! That the offer of real prize moeny couldn’t entice more entries speaks to the severity of disengagement.

As a teacher, I’ve seen the energy dissipate as time goes on. My first week teaching in the “Zoom room” I had full classes. Week 3 in the Twilight Zone, the ship is running at half staff, and at this point, not even a Virtual Background contest can rally the troops.

The social aspect of robotics (and the educational system in its usual form) is very powerful. Meeting with teammates and frenemies in competition propels students in inexplicable ways. I’m just hoping that the social-distancing dormancy I’m seeing means that everyone is catching up on much-needed rest, nourishing those neurons that will explode into a burst of creativity when everyone awakes from hibernation on April 26.


Oh my gosh, if my teachers did this, I would be attending more classes than necessary. It sounds awesome!


The forum feels like it’s back up to full speed with the excitement happening in two weeks and the release of new things to play with.

The board game was the last challenge. The judges are working on playing the games.

Thanks to everyone that went “Hey, free VEX parts, I can use parts for my teams” and took the time to enter. I had fun and I hope you did too.