Weight limits of wheels

What is the weight limit of the 3.25" omni wheels, and the 3.25" traction wheels?

I’m not so sure by what do you mean by weight limit but here are all the weights of every wheel VEX sells.
Omni-Directional Wheels
2.75" Double-Roller Omni-Directional Wheels: 0.154 lbs (70 grams)
3.25" Omni-Directional Wheels: 0.132 lbs (60 grams)
4" Omni-Directional Wheels: 0.232 lbs (105 grams)

Traction Wheels
2.75" Wheels: 0.110 lbs (50 grams)
3.25" Traction Wheels: 0.110 lbs (50 grams)
4" Wheels: 0.198 lbs (90 grams)
5" Wheels: 0.352 lbs (160 grams)

Traction Tires
4" High Traction Tires: 0.077 lbs (35 grams)

Mecanum Wheels
4" Mecanum Wheels: 0.41 lbs (186 grams)

Wheel Legs
6" Wheel Leg: 0.074 lbs (34 grams)

Depends what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about when there’s an axle through them, it’s just how much weight the axle can support, and that also depends on how long the axle is.

How much can they hold with 0.25" shaft and 0.5" unsupported shaft.

Your robot should never be heavy enough do damage the wheels or axles. I haven’t tried .5" axles, but .25" axles do fine cantilevered for light robots (<15lbs) but supported on both sides is better. I don’t think the size matters. If you do cantilever, make sure the axle is as short as possible.

We have found out the axles will bend first. But to bend them you have to drive your robot pretty harshly. such as tipping back then slamming back down. Even then they are still good enough to keep competing on.

The small shafts are .125" (1/8 inch) not .25. The large axles are .25".

I was wondering how much the wheels alone can hold.

If you’re talking about if you just set weight directly on the wheels, it’s probably quite a bit more than your robot is ever going to way.

I was thinking that they would work on an FTC robot.

I know several FTC teams use vex wheels and some FRC teams use wheels from the Vex Pro line (not legal in VRC).

I have seen an FTC team that uses the vex EDR Mecanum Wheels but not any other of the EDR wheels.

Our robot uses the Vex Pro Colson wheels. Heir is one of the videos of our Nebraska State compaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHppr5wJ3aM

At this year’s event at Center Grove in Indiana we saw Vex omni-wheels, and Vex high traction wheels being used. Of course last year, we saw wood wheels with a basketball cut in half as tread being used. In FTC, you never know what you will see.

Nice robot.

Thanks! :smiley:
Yea I saw some robots that were all wood (we broke the intake on one of the wood robots ;)).