Weight of Segmented Angle?

Does anyone know or could find out the weight of the segmented angles (discontinued)? I don’t have Inventor, but if it’s accurate could someone please get the weight from the CAD file?



Calculated weights of steel VEX parts have been very accurate so far, and according to Inventor the Segmented Angle 1x1x35 weighs ~0.238 lbs.

Are you and railrhodes both thinking about using these or something? I thought it odd that there were two questions about this part in one day.

I measured one up for you on a lab scale.

109.87 g
3.876 oz
0.242 lbs

I only have one that is left fully intact. So this is from a whopping sample size of one.

Thanks Jordan and 4149G!

Haha, I’m actually helping him get them and needed to know the weight to calculate shipping. :slight_smile: