Weight of the ladder for Round-Up

I have a few questions about the ladder:

What is the exact weight of the ladder?
What’s the full dimensions of it, dimensions of LWH, of every part that is used on the ladder, i.e. tubes, structure, screws… ect.
What is it made out of? Each individual part.
How heavy can each part of the ladder hold/withstand? Preferably in pounds and pounds per square inch.
Is the ladder movable on the field? Is moving it possible? Is it attached to the field? If so, How is it attached?

That is all for now.


And yes… I have read over all the information on Round-Up, and I could not find the questions I asked there either it wasn’t there or I somehow missed it.

why not buy one and find out? :wink:

In appendix A you will be able to find all the specs required to build your own ladder. As for the strength, when they unveiled it Dallas they had some one stand on it.

It is moveable, hence the necessity of a rule against tipping the ladder. Wouldn’t want to damage the foam tiles would we?

From what I saw, the ladder was very heavy. There is no way a VEX robot will be able to pick it up, even with the new motors. I don’t think that you could even move it. The friction of the foam tiles and the bottom of the ladder is too great.

But say you did have a robot that could move it… Is that allowed? As long as it doesn’t tip over?

should be
or they would have a “moving” rule opposed to a “tipping” rule
and/or they would get a way to bolt the ladder to the ground

so technically speaking, a robot could push the ladder into a corner, and remove two of the sides to hang from?

Kudos if you can push the ladder into a corner without wrecking the field tiles, which is illegal.

I was about to say the same thing.
the manual kinda ruined me and my mate’s secret (half-joking) plans about throwing the ladder and the goals out of the field