What was the standard weight of a robot last year? We had robots from 10 to 25 pounds, and wanted to see whether we were on the heavy or light side. Furthermore, how much do y’alls robots weigh this year? We have 11, 13, and 17 pounders

Ours was about 15 lbs last year and about 10 - 11 lbs this year.

My team’s 2016 world robot was around 22 pounds. It was made completely out of steel (it was our school’s first season in VEX) and was up to the size limit, so it was very heavy. We got aluminum parts for this season, so our robots are a whole lot lighter than what would have been if we used steel. My robot weighs in at 13.9 lbs.

Last year most people probably got around 10 - 15 pounds. Mine was 22 pounds, and there was someone on here that got 35 lbs IIRC.

assuming you are building in aluminum:
< 12 = light
12 to 15 = medium
15 to 20 = heavy

20 = beast (usually doing some additional task like lifting the other robot)

Our robot was 14 pounds as the only things needed were ramp, conveyor, flywheel, and base.