Hello Vex Forum,
I know there has been some talk on other threads about the weight of specific revealed robots. I wanted some general knowledge on the average weight of a robot. If you could post the weight of your robot and general sentence or two on it (or longer). If it has pnuematics, transmission, claw, tray, type lift system, type of drive, or anything else you think would be relevant to the weight of your robot. Try to be fairly realistic, weighing it on a scale would be best though.

We’re rebuilding but we had a four bar lift with a motor powered claw and a 4 motor turbo drive on 3.25" omnis weighing a little over 12.5lbs with two batteries. We made it about as thin as possible (12.5") without sacrificing too much stability to get in the corner for hanging

Edit: I can provide weights and descriptions of our other 5 teams tomorrow

Mine’s 13.4 lbs.

15 pounds. Pneumatic claw. 6 motor arm 4 motor turbo drive. 3.25 inch omnis. Can hang

V1 15.5 V2 18 lbs keep in mind we have a 4 motor tank drive ,side rollers, an eight bar ,and a self lift.

My robot weights 9 pounds and has a two motor claw, four motor hs drive, 6 motor hs lift geared 7:1, and anti tips in the back. We also use two batteries.

13.5lbs -Base(1x2x1 C channel)(17.5x 11.5) and lift tower(1x3x1 25 hole C channel)— 10.3 lbs; and single arm(2x 1x2x1 C channel) with pneumatic claw(1x2x1 25 lateral support; rail pincers) 3.2 lbs

9 pound, 6 motor 1:5 speed lift, 4 motor 4" turbo and 2 motor claw

edit - forgot to mention can hang under 6 sec

~7 pounds pushbot, 6 wheel direct drive, with 3 wheels on a power expander. havent officially weighted it yet, thats my best estimate.

no hanging, and 1-4 point autonomous. just yesterday added more weight (a stack of 10 5x15 steel plates) to increase our weight to gain more traction and push power.

Our robot weighs about 16 pounds. It’s a pneumatic claw on turbo drive with 3.25" wheels and a high hang