Weighting down front of robot

Is it allowed to use the metal battery box from VEX and fill it with the lock nuts in a small bag (so none fall out during competition)? We don’t have room to put some wheels as we have seen on others. But since all comes from VEX, is it allowed?
Thanks ~ CyberFalcon

This would probably be a good question to ask on the official thread, because we can’t technically give you a ruling.

I do not see any rule prohibiting the use of the battery box, but I don’t think using a bag to hold the nuts would be legal…

I would suggest better designing your robot (improve your center of gravity) so that you don’t need a counterweight at all.

This is the best solution if you have time. But if you need a “quick fix” you can use string the lock nuts onto zip ties (rather than using a plastic bag). Alternatively, string them onto a small axle and anchor with collars for even more weight. Metal gears and collars also make good, dense counterweights.

Yeah, if you don’t have time, then it is hard to do, but I still recommend that everyone take the time to design around center of gravity.

Anyway, you can make a nice looking counterweight out of two pieces of angle metal. You can use standoffs to connect the two pieces and block the ends creating a place to put pieces of hardware as a counterweight.

I would suggest just bolting steel plates together; then you don’t have to worry about losing small pieces. That is the most efficient way I can think of.


yeah, the flat 5x? plates can be quite dense once you have a whole stack bolted together

The older sliders are quite dense. They do take up a lot of space though.

make a pterodactyl tail (otherwise known as a wheelie bar)

If tipping over is your problem, you can implement a software solution if you want to. Place limit switches pointed towards the ground on the side of the robot that tips, and have the robot correct for the mistake when the switch is pressed. Our team used it one year, and it worked great.