Weights of Robots

I wanted to see how much everyone’s bot weighs… It has come up in many discussions about lifting lately.

To start it off ours Is 13lbs as we are a pretty light field bot

Ours is one of the heavier ones at about 30 pounds but we are going to be lifting.

26 pound lifting bot. What I would really like to see is a lifting bot lifting a lifting bot. Has anyone seen this?

Do you have a video? Are you going to do a reveal?

25 lbs for us

Our robot is 17lbs and our other team is 18lbs.

We are a field scorer and are planning on making a lift. We should be compatible with other lifting robots (namely 2114Z in our area). The lift should only add a few pounds and they were able to lift us before. I will make sure to take a picture if not a video. Here is one from a couple weeks ago (we don’t yet have a ramp).

I can’t seem to make it right-side-up…

We are a 22lb lifting bot. Our brother team lifted us the other day.

All 5 iterations of our robot have stayed between 10-15 lbs.

If we get to worlds I will do a reveal or throw the other guys at it… Otherwise I’d rather just spend all of my time on the robot itself

I can post video after the tournament we host on Saturday :slight_smile:

We have a 10.4kg (23 lbs) bot

last year our robot weighed 21 lbs, and that sucker was a porker, hoping to get around 15 lbs this year.

@Oedipus Vex Hi there! It’s nice to see another Ohio team on the forums!!!

Also, our robot weighs in at 12 lbs. It’s going to get heavier soon though.

35 lbs robot.

We have been lifted but fell off in the last 7 seconds. I cry… >_<

I want a picture of that beast! You been feeding it McDonalds?

No In n Out… =p sure I’ll probably post it tomorrow.

Ah, In n Out. We northerners can only dream.

There’s no In N Out in Minnesota!!!

Nope. But fear not. I did have the privilege of dining at said facility when Worlds was held in Anaheim. In fact, we went out of our way to make sure we dined at In n Out. Haha.

(and now, back to our regularly scheduled thread content)

Ever since toss-up our robots have always been really heavy. Its just too hard to not use metal instead of aluminium.

My robot which is 13 lbs is still half steel. I have just not wanted to spend the money on aluminum until I found a design I really liked