Weights of Vex parts?

Does anyone have the weights for all the Vex parts, mainly metal, but everything would be good, I do not have any parts with me and we are not meeting until June, so I was building some designs on Autodesk Inventor and it would really help if I could figure out how much parts weighed to find the lightest way to build certain things, and find out what gear ratio I can use.

You can set the material properties of each of the parts as you added them in. All of the Vex parts online either list their weight or the materials used in them, I think, and if you don’t know them you can get ballparks for stuff like the battery.

Team#136 was asking which wheels were lightest, so I weighed one sample of all the wheel types I have available. Maybe someone can copy this to the wiki, since I noticed the small wheel doc wiki doesn’t list weights.

Small tire and wheel 48 grams
Small tire only 28 grams
Small wheel bare 20-25 grams
4" tire and wheel 88 grams (original tire, not new smooth hi-trac)
4" wheel bare 46 grams
5" wheel bare 89 grams
5" wheel and tire 155 grams
Small ds* omni 25 grams (* double omni wheel, shaved down edges.

Either the specific wheels at school are very different from samples I have,
or hand-balancing is not reliable in the < 100gram region, since they thought the 4" wheels ‘felt lighter’ than the small wheels.