Weird Autonomous Problems/Inability to use Competition Control

Problem 1:

*]Autonomous starts sucessfully
*]Checks a sensor to see if the value is less than the “max”, if not, moves the arm up
*]For some reason the arm drops after ~1 second and then tries to raise again
*]Repeatedly does this

Code Example:

    int armVal = SensorValue[armPotentiometer];
  while(armVal <= ARM_MAX)
    armVal = SensorValue[armPotentiometer];
    motor[elevLeft1] = 90;
    motor[elevLeft2] = 90;
    motor[elevRight1] = 90;
    motor[elevRight2] = 90; 

The problem is that the robot will never make it to the ARM_MAX variable and therefore will continue to move up a little bit and then drop. Does anyone know of a way to resolve this?

**Problem 2:

*]Compile and download program
*]Open VEX Competition Control in RobotC
*]Click “User Control”
*]Press start on the debugger window
*]Autonomous starts

I’m not too sure what an example code for this would be so I am not including one. It is just a basic autonomous that prints out to an LCD screen. Does anyone know of anyway to solve this?**

I take it you’re the same Eddie at the ROBOTC forums: ?

Have you had any luck, or are you still troubleshooting?