Weird coding question

So I’m working on an odometry code and after I already identified a variable (dM) vex told me that I needed a specifier for all declarations even though I already did. Did I miss something that I don’t realize or is there something I don’t know?

First of all, dM should be type “double” instead of “int” for when dR+dL is an odd number. I would also try initializing dM to a starting value:
double dM = 0;

Apart from this, you should put the equation inside the while loop that will run your odometry.


There are declarations and initializations. Declarations are where you specify the name and data type. Initializations assign an initial value to a variable. For most variables it is easier to combine the declaration and initialization and set the variable equal to 0 to start. This removes conflicts further down the road. You can also forward declare a variable in a header file so that you can access that variable in many separate files.

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That line of code needs to be inside a function, my guess is it isn’t.


thanks everyone!

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