Weird match occurrences, FL state championship

Hey! I’m from team 6430 Trinity Dragons. We are a Florida team and I have to say our State Championship was super fun and incredibly suspenseful! I was chatting with some of the other teams from around here and we thought it would be funny to post some of the stranger occurrences during our elimination rounds. Please feel free to post some crazy occurrences from your tournaments as well, I think this thread could be pretty funny! Anyway, here are our top three moments.

If you look around second 34 of this video over on the blue alliance, somehow 6430B launched one of its preloads off of the side of the field and into the launcher of one of the 828 teams. This jammed their launcher and disabled it for the majority of the match.

This (around 1:38) is a case of crossfire… Although this isn’t necessarily rare with this game, still pretty fun to watch!

Finally, you can decide for yourselves if this is real or not… Watch team 6430B very very closely around 1:51 and you’ll notice a ball that was shot by 6430 bouncing off of the single flywheel and into the net. Like I said, you can decide for yourself whether or not this actually happened!

Hope you all enjoy! I recently opened up a youtube channel, TrinityDragons6430, and posted the majority of our recorded matches throughout the season if anyone wants to watch. See you at worlds!

youtube channel link:

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Thats a pretty sweet optical illusion. If you watch it a couple of times and look really closely, you can tell the the other robot actually shoots a ball right as the ball passes behind the flywheel, but it still looks really cool.

I watched this about 15 times and arrived at the same conclusion. Really fun to watch over and over, I’m sure I’d be entertained by it for hours. In general it seems like the FL Championship was pretty entertaining!

Michigan has their state championships tomorrow so wish us luck! nice job to the Floridian champs, whoever they may be

on the strange occurrences though:
once in a match, our net broke. wait…that’s not a strange occurrence…it’s bad quality control and design from our friends at VEX

Love it! The finalists were 6430, 6430B, 5956B and 4029A, 9920, 212P, with the first alliance barely pulling it out in finals three. Truly was entertaining and we certainly had some interesting matches.

This is an understatement. It was great competing with and against so many great robots. Thank you 6430 and your alliance for such a fun and hard fought finals! Also thank you to our alliance partners 4029a. See you all at worlds!

it was very exciting, especially after video #2 it was a third round tie breaker(SF:1-3) where after autonomous the field control laptop started an automatic update!( insert Microsoft joke here ) after they reset the field and ran autonomous again there was another error resulting in a field reset, so it took 3 attempts just to run match SF:1-3. during all of this 828T was experiencing problems(auto was not running) and so we re-uploaded the program, and then realized that something was wrong with our joystick! and we had to pair a new one. Overall I have to concur with nm_99 9920:

It was pretty funny that at 1:46 in this video our alliance partner got pushed by both of the other teams at the same time, lining them up perfectly for the shot!

I saw this thread, and I was like “Aw crap, did I mess up a rule call”

Then I realized it was just match bloopers.

Mini heart attacks ftw!!