Weird Question

This might go down as the weirdest question ever asked on the forum, but here goes. Does anyone know the diameter of the pipe and drape system used for Worlds?

and - are they removable (the low dividers between pits…)

and - what tools do you need… say, if hypothetically, you needed to unify your teams .

Not a weird question at all. I tried to figure out the same thing last year before we went for our first trip to Worlds. If I remember correctly, they were the standard 1.5" versions, not the 2 inch, but others can confirm. I know the Vexmen teams from PA use extenders to hang their sign above the booth, so they should know.

There are no tools needed to remove the dividing pipes between booths. It is very common for schools with multiple teams to remove them. They are just lift out of slots.

Many thanks! I saw that in previous years, but never inquired about what it takes. I am hoping to see the event map so we can see if our teams will be side by side.

If your teams are in the same competition(High School, Middle School, or VEX U), they should if they rank them by number. This is what they have done in the past, and I would think they would continue to do it again, but as always, I can not be sure.

I have doubt we will be placed in order. What might happen is we get split across an aisle or back to back on the end of a row. Will see once they publish the venue map.

From what I remember, they usually place the teams in order. Yes, it is possible that you could be placed back to back, but it’s just luck of the draw I guess. The venue map doesn’t show numbers typically. If you look at the one from VEX Worlds 2016 here, I don’t see them put numbers. In the past, a lot of teams don’t know where their pits are until they get there. But then again, this is my first year competing, and I don’t know everything. Somebody who may have been multiple times could answer better.

I had previously heard that teams might be spread out, and there is an open thread asking that same question.

I asked the same question on the official Q&A back in mid March and got a fairly crisp answer (link ).

Not clear what happens if people are across aisles or at the end of a row, but I certainly hope they manage that. I guess we will all know pretty soon!

For the last 3 years, the pits have always been arranged by team number. This is so that clubs that bring more than 1 team are next to each other. The close proximity enables coaches and mentors to be able to coach all of their teams conveniently and makes it so that teams can coordinate their pits. I recall that the framework for the pit dividers interlock so it is very easy to remove the divider between adjacent pits without tools. I would estimate that the pipes are around 2" in diameter. The one watch out is that there is not room for a full field even using 2 adjacent pits. The depth of the pit is 10 feet and the field is 12. Last year the fire marshalls were strict about not allowing anything to extend into the isle beyond the 10 feet. Many teams just removed one strip of floor tiles and shortened one side to comply.

We are pros at interpreting the venue maps :slight_smile:

@mbrh Teams are always located sequential. The confusions people have is with the term “division” which has two meaning - Middle School Division and High School Division, and the organization within a MS or HS Division, Spirit, Opportunity, Science… The Middle and High School Divisions are spread out, so if you have middle and high school teams, their pits would not be located near one another. Which middle or high school competition division you are will be assigned “randomly”. However, in past years it was a predictable patterns (hence the accuracy of “theoretical division” threads.

@JasonG yup - we have contingency plans for field setups… 12x12, 12x8, 8x8 configurations…

Looking forward to having a blast!

This is the problem I am having. Are they 1.5 in or 2 in?

Vex has already posted numerous places that the pits will be 10x10.

I was talking about what field perimeter configurations you could do with a 10x10 pit or 10x20 pit (two teams)… You know it is a long walk and long line for practice fields - and you get other teams wanting to hang out…

I think 1.5" diameter for the poles but it should not mater much if you use zip ties. Larger zip ties are the main source of clasping and use grommets in your signs. Then the banners hang nicely. Gaffers tape works well at holding the zip ties in place on the pipe or banners to the official signs. Lessons learned from this one below.

The sign above the pits is held from poles all the way to the floor, so not attached to the pit poles.

Another tip, if you have multiple teams, you can take out the center dividing pole too to make a larger pit area.

We also try and remember balloons and streamers. But there are a few party city locations in Louisville. Along with Dollar Tree or Wal Mart to get these things.,-85.6714296,12z