Weird Things that Teammates Do


My team has this habbit of calling parts names they don’t have keps nuts are now kelps nuts



One of my teammates has spontaneous mental breakdowns where he’ll be working quietly on the robot one moment, and the next he’ll be singing a song about himself while flailing about on the floor. Another teammate calls every part by a wrong name, driving us insane. Examples being collar shafts, chain gears, octopus nuts, hex sticks, L channels, and shaft mounts.



But that is the correct name though, I don’t see anything wrong with that :wink:



Overuse the words swag and swanky.



My whole team has developed an entire family of tools, we have a hex nut driver named Connor and a socket wrench named Hector. Our Allen wrenches also have their own special names.



All our builders call the nylon spacers oases (plural form of oasis. Just found out it was spelled like that too.). Now we just all know what that means.

Also, we have several team members who whisper under their breath while building and the kids who have come into the lab give them really weird looks in the hallways now. We absolutely love being the weird robotics kids. :joy:



One of the members of my team changed the title of this post. Pretty weird, right?


  1. They banned a bunch of words.
  2. We lost half of our screwdrivers because someone taped them underneath a table and then forgot about them.
  3. “Pass me the thingy.” “No, the other thingy.”
  4. Two of the tried to make armour out of parts. They only got a shield and sword done before the coach told them to take it apart.


Randomly start breaking down laughing (red-faced and everything) because he saw a picture of a thicc bear.

We all joined him once we saw it, and could barely stop laughing until it actually got old.



One year my teammate did nothing so that was pretty great.



If I remember correctly, we built a fan out of spare parts and duck tape a few years ago at states. It worked quite well at cooling people, not so good for motors.



“Doggert” is the new term in our area :flushed:



One of my teammates don’t even bother naming the part, and will say, “I need this”, or “Can you give me the thing?”



All of the 2360 teams call keps nuts ‘flowers’
And for my team specifically, we have an [my name] ‘AAH’ counter. Every single time I get hit, cut or otherwise injure myself in some way that’s more than just a small scratch, I instinctively let out a rather aggressive ‘AAH’. And when that happens they add one to the counter.

We are at 80, rather concerning to my own safety…

weird things that aren't weird but actually a problem to my own safety
  1. Rarely ever use safety glasses when cutting things; all I ever do is stand at an angle to make sure debris doesn’t fly at me
  2. Don’t wear shoes (or socks) in the workshop; wouldn’t be a problem except my basement was a minefield until last week
  3. Actually put my face in front of the puncher (not intentional, but still got one straight in the mouth)
  4. Wearing short sleeves while cutting
  5. While trying to switch out a cutting wheel blade, somehow pressed the wrong button and turned it on.
  6. Forgetting that metal gets hot after you cut it, on several occasions I just grabbed a piece right after I cut it and nearly burnt myself (Now I just use pliers)

And that concludes the long list of ‘robotics-related reasons to why i should be dead’




We also name some structures, dogs, crippled dogs, humpback dogs, and the likes.

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Most of the tools on my team have a name with boi in it so example:
Big Boi
Bendy Boi
Small Boi



Me too! We have a Lifty Boi (formerly Whacky Boi), Shooty Boi, Drifty Boi (our 12 V5 motor drive drift bot) and Indexy Boi. My teammate also loves to draw faces on our balls. I don’t have an image personally but there is one on our team instagram account @caperobotics_56J.



I used to call our low flag hitters pokey bois lol

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Locking shaft collars (I think that is there real name?) are called Spaghettios.