Weird Tings Alliance Captains Say

What are some weird things that alliance captain say during alliance selection, specifically when they are selecting alliances?

“I gracefully accept”
“Wait, not that team”
“Haha! No.”


“ok this team over here got super lucky and their luck could run out with us”
“we need to find a legacy bot”
“where did all the good bot teams go”

From a Brecksville team:
“2011D, D for Dipstick.”
The announcer (the great and powerful Rob) replies (to 2011D):
“2011D. D as in David?”



That was a fun day at states.


Happens every time no matter the competition, there while always be pushbots that got a stupid large amount of luck.

Happened to us in sixth grade. We had a crappy robot but got 6th place from pure luck. Also a claw or got in third at one of our competitions this year.

Yeah, my bots have made it to semifinals every year despite only even remotely deserving it once. Hopefully we’ll deserve it this year.

At a tournament I was at last year:
“Team 1528B, please choose the team you would like to alliance with.”
“We, team 1528B would like to alliance with team 333.”
“Which 333 team? A, H?”

“That’s a good question”


after our D team selected our A team and was picking a third alliance

“Let’s just complete the DAB and go Team 12345D”

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