Weird types of robots for this season

There are a few interesting robots with odd names, there is one know as the “Rango Bot”, and apparently it is similar to the hood bot. Are there any other odd robots that any of you heard of, or even building?

9 linear punchers to score in all goal zones at once at the end of a match. Its name. The Insta Win


YES. I love this design. cant wait to see some leeks

But for real though, @JudgeBoneSpeeder please please PLEASE use the search bar before posting a new topic. There have been several topics about Change Up robot designs. If using the search bar doesn’t work, search youtube and google. There have been several reveal videos and google has a better search functionality. But in this case, there have soo many discussions about robot designs and even robot component designs.


@Noah10851B IDK if you’ve noticed, but this is a chit-chat topic… which means it is for fun. LOL


Ok. Trust me, I am not opposed to random stupid chit chat topics, but the way you phrased your question just made it seem like you were actually looking for help.


One interesting design would be a turret bot with a range of 2 meters. So in a case of defense the turret can just aim and shoot. Only issue with a turret is that theres no good methods at a turret mount with EDR parts, to a point where its only really reliable in VEXU.

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I recall this robot from nbn, seems to be a decent way to mount a turret:


Oh my, the nostalgia!
I completely forgot about that design, and it seems like it would be perfect (although hard to make) for EDR turrets if someone is committed to making such a design.


Build a umbrella robot that covers every single goal

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There is the spindexer design that as of now I don’t think anyone has tried, but it basically is a regular snail but the ball path forms a loop.

I would make It but I don’t have access to any parts

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8m pushbot ftw! Who need scoring capability when you have the ultimate defense bot