weird wire genders

i don’t understand why the motor, interrupt, and sensor cables’ genders are reversed. why not do it the standers way, so hobbyist can connect 3rd party motors etc. please post your thoughts. :smiley:

i dislike the genders on the componets makes it hard to go to the hobby store and get what i want. been loking into making something different maybe a gender changer

i think that vex works fine as it is. of course, i havent tried to attach custom sensors. if needed couldnt you just plug the sensor into a PWM extention cable backwards and then the pwm to the robot?

with some tapping you could attatch a extra programed motor to it!!!
I have tapped the output sectors and concluded…it cannot support the motors

thanks to this I blew a servo…:frowning:

The gender of the Vex system was changed intentionally. This was not done to confound hobbyists everywhere, but to increase the durability of the Vex system. An array of pins is less durable than a bank of sockets.

We wanted the lower-cost component (the motor/sensor/whatever) to be the “weak-link” as opposed to the high-cost component (the Vex Microcontroller).


Have you considered selling male-to-male PWM cables?

At first I didn’t like the reversed gender wiring, but now I think JV has a good point. Besides, how easy would it be to short out a bank of exposed pins?

If you get some Futaba “J” female and male connectors, and some bulk servo wire, you can make/change any device you want. I have changed the connectors on two hobby servos and tested them. They work fine. You could also make a set of gender changers easily enough.

This problem is not a problem. If you want to do work with custom parts, then you should accept that you have to do a little custom engineering.

Interconnect Headers, Jumpers & Connectors- Double Row (CPC) TSW106-07-T-S
Samtec, 6 Pin connector header. Male. 0.001"

Look at the 6-pin connector header. costs 40 cents. Take a wire cutter and cut it in half. Stick one half into your female servo cable (Hitek) and violia! you have a male servo cable, with no extra length. Works like a charm. I like to push the plastic center part up on the pins so it is more in the middle. (it takes some effort, but you can make it move with some careful pushing with needle nose pliers). This neatly and cheaply solves the gender problem.

Francis Govers