Weirdest/Luckiest things you've seen/done in vex

What are the weirdest/luckiest things you have seen in vex? Mine is when our untested autonomous actually worked, just not in the way it was supposed to. We meant to stack a cone on a mogo but ended up stacking it on our stationary goal instead.

How does that work

It only happened once


One of the motors on our drive train was probably burned out or something, causing it to swerve to the left.

That would make sense

During one of our qualification matches, none of the robots in the match could do anything (including our own). At the end of the match, no cones were stacked and no mogos were put in the zones. We ended up winning 2 to 0 because we parked our robot.

Once, back in starstruck, I built a 10 Motor Turbo Drive Train and pushed all of the cubes at once (which were on our side) and then went on to the stars under the fence and ended up winning 49-10

One of our lucky moments was we were in the third SemiFinal match and during the autonomous period, the other team grabbed a mobile goal and was still touching it only by a few centimeters. We won that match 46-41 and moved on to finals and if the other team had literally one more second they would have won 51-46.

As for the weirdest thing, last year, a random person who was wearing a gear necklace was ahead of us in the inspection line. We were talking to that team when he randomly started sniffing our programer. That was an interesting way to kick off states.

Why would he get kicked out of states for that?

he said to kick off states like to start
not get kicked out


In semifinals one time my alliance partner’s autonomous hadn’t worked through quarter finals and the first round of semis that same round he managed to flip a goal into the 10 point zone

Ahem. We did NOT get a cone stacked on the stationary goal. Though, our autonomous DID lift and spin in circles, which is just as interesting. I am part of 7517J by the way.

On a separate note, in starstruck from last year, our wheel fell off in the middle of a states qualifier, and I had to drive it three-wheeled all by myself.

During autonomous, my team accidentally scored a star through the fence in starstruck … during autonomous.

That happened to our previous ITZ robot. The collar fell off and my whole robotics team thinks it was because the other team hit us.

oh man that happened to us, our drive was actually more stable three wheeled for some reason tho

Once in the semi-finals our drive motor gave out and we couldn’t move and our opponents just needed to put one more mobile goal in the 10pt zone and they did but it was propped up on a cone and the starting bar and not touching the ground so we won.

thats not legal, the ruling is the goal is supported it counts towards where it would fall