Weirdest things you have seen at a competition

So this isnt made to make fun of anyone just want to show what weird things you have done or seen teams do: for example at a competition i helped out at this last weekend i saw a team with a key put in upside down in their controller.

O man, they key made me cringe hearing that lol, but in all fairness. I was deadbeat dumb one time too. My story goes I went to put a battery into the robot, but forced it upside down… Woops broke the cortex and ruined our chances at that competiton.

Forever ago I saw this team literally kicking their robot to test the sturdiness of the robot…

Sounds like something my main driver would do. Bent shaft on the flywheel? Let’s hit the flywheel with a hammer! Can’t wait to trash our third launcher design!

Anyways, the weirdest thing I have seen happen at competiton is teams lying about how good they are. I will never understand why teams would do this. If you are bad and you are picked, there is a good chance your alliance will lose anyways!

Also, I have not seen many robots fly before, but I have to call out 675E for tossing a robot while attempting a high lift at our second competiton :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, at our last competition we returned from lunch and all of our motors and LEDs had been unplugged from our cortex and our retaining clips were missing. We still don’t know what happened while we were gone.

Saw an alliance take two elimination matches (semifinals and finals) all the way to the 4th round then win the tournament against the number 1 alliance by 1 point.

Haha last week at Camerillo we saw some 10 year old kids running around searching through people’s boxes and taking batteries and stuff it was gr8

Whoa, keep that quiet, I’ve got a reputation to uphold! You sure I got them mixed up, or was I scoring SPs?

Anyway some of the weirdest things I’ve seen and heard usually happen when people are trying to get in a good spot to be a 3rd for alliance selection.

Weirdest thing. hmmm…
At a tournament I went to a few weeks ago, we allied with a team that managed to cut all their motor wires while trying to fix their flywheel. So they sat dead on the field for the whole match, but my team still managed to win.

We went to a competition in Alabama and were ranked second behind a robot that they called “skippy” because it bounced around on leg wheels. We also almost picked up that robot and it almost fell out of the field during elimination matches because it climbed on our robot.
skippy and 675E.JPG

One time we lied about how bad we were so that we wouldn’t get picked by a bad team

I wanted to do this at our second competition. We were suppose to be the first seed’s second pick, but an intaking robot was bumped down to #7 and they picked us as their first pick. Our sister team was picked and they ended up winning the tournament :slight_smile:

Ok… I didn’t see it, it was one of our team members… Must of been a big game of telephone… BTW you have an amazing robot!

There is one robot I saw that twisted an axle a full 180 degrees on their puncher robot!

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was at Worlds 2014. Halfway through the day a foreign team approached us at our table, and one of them who spoke English said they wanted us to consider picking them in the alliance selection later in the day. I was extremely confused because we were ranked too low to be a picking team. So I told them that, and they looked confused as well, and they kept asking us to consider them for an alliance. I asked them what division they were in and they said “engineering”. I told them that we were in the technology division, and they still did not understand. I asked them what team they were looking for and they said 7784, (which was our team number at the time) and I told them that they must be looking for someone else because we were not in the same division. A few minutes later they realized that they were instead looking for 7784B which was right next to us the whole time. :slight_smile: It was an awkward 10 minutes.

My sister team did that to their launcher, and last year one of our sister team had an issue with their lift. They pulled out the axle that powered it, and it had corkscrewed over 10 times!! i wish i had the picture to share

We recently had a scrimmage where after some advice from a mentor a team decided their robot was to light. They didn’t have any wheels and such so they literally grabbed all the pieces of metal they could scavenge (from their schools other teams) and (rather crudely, because they were sort on time) attached them to their robot.

Their robot looked quite awesome :3

I got partnered up with a standard vex squarebot at world’s :confused:

This is probably my favorite thread! Lots of good stories :slight_smile:

At a competition this past weekend there was a guy who played the John Cena theme on his trumpet. Mainly at random but he also blasted it when his team got selected to alliance with a good team. I thought it was hilarious but I’m not sure everyone else did.

How bout this…not exactly funny but sad, an alliance during finals was arming their spring loaded high lift when the guy arming it took his hand off it for a second and it activated and smacked him in the face. Everyone in the gymnasium got quiet and said “oooww”

We have several shafts like this from last year from when we tried to build our own 6 bar lift. We were new and the veteran members really did not help, except one.