Weirdest tournament experiences?

What is your weirdest tournament experience? I’ll repost mine as the first entry.

Okay, story time cause I don’t know where else to put this. I was helping judge a tournament today, and needed to run some skills matches. We had a younger team, maybe 3rd grade with one older team member running a match. About halfway through the match, one of the third graders reaches down to grab their bot, and pulls out a ball from their intake. I ask him to please but the ball down and I ask their team to reset their bot. To my utter bafflement, he starts licking the ball! Like, what the heck?? I ask him to put it back and he does, but then like 20 minutes later he comes back to steal another ball and he keeps licking it!! We try an ask him to put it back, but then he just runs away! We almost lost the ball until his mom comes up, grabs him, pulls out a bottle of spray hand sanitizer and sprays the ball. Then she pulls out a water spray bottle and spritzes him in the face. Weirdest tournament ever!


A few weeks ago there was a team that only used one butterfly nut and short screws on their entire bot, and I mean the entire bot, and their drive fell apart into pieces on the field, it was sad but funny at the same time


That tournament the 15th alliance beat the 2nd alliance, and the 8th place won.


Wait, did they end up winning that tournament? I was there, and I think I know which team you are taking about

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Also at that same tournament I was timing another teams skills match, and after the driver switch the second driver flips the controller and drives their bot with an upside down controller.


I haven’t really had a weird tournament experience, but I felt like sharing this anyways. We went to a tournament in southern Utah last year, and the highschool teams were sitting on top of the folded bleachers in the school gym we were in. That’s not strange until you saw their rubber band guns they made out of vex parts. Not only were they extremely janky looking, but they also worked way to well. So you could just be in the pit fixing your motors and all of a sudden a rubber band would hit you in the head. It was certainly an interesting experience.


Oh Oh Oh, I think I was at that tournament.
What team was it?



There was this one tournament where my robot actually worked like it was supposed to and didn’t need major repairs.

That was pretty weird


not really weird, but we had a no show at virtual worlds for three minutes

in my squared away season, I saw an iq team with a edr robot. like what the heck
also it was a tank tracked pushbot
and there was a three wheel pushbot…
and also the team that was literally building at the tourney…
that was quite a strange tournament


I hope that wasn’t me. the schedule changed and no one decided to tell me so I got about as literally as it gets dragged out of history class to set up for worlds

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reminds me of the time I missed a match because of a ref
I was told my match would be pushed to after lunch, turns out it happened before lunch
the ref kinda sent me on a wild goose chase, even sent me to an arena and said they were looking for me, only for them to tell me my match was a very long time ago
that was probably my second comp, first time missing a match
I apologized to my alliance team, and they said they didn’t stand a chance anyway
was very sad :frowning:


Freshman at their first tournament when copyrighted music starts playing:


oop wrong topic

Wish that was me.
My post must be 20 characters

When you finish 54th and win an excellence award. That says a lot.
Although we were a middle school team in a mixed tournament.

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It was iq worlds

well at least it wasn’t me

I am pretty sure it was multiple teams, So the only info I have was that It was the State tournament in a place called Desert Hills.

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Ya! I was there, didn’t participate, but I did see that team.