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Welcome to the upgraded VEX Forum! We hope you enjoy the new layout.

To recover your account, you will first need to click the “Log In” button. From there, click “Forgot Password”, send a password recovery e-mail, follow the link, and set up your password for the new forum.

We appreciate your patience as we make this change. You can be assured that the VEX Marketing and IT teams will be keeping a close eye on the forum for the next few days to make sure this transition is as seamless as possible. Change can be difficult, but under no circumstances would we make such a change if we did not feel that it would benefit our community. If you happen to come across any bugs in the new forum, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Might just be me but the new forum layout is hard to navigate. It used to be that vexforum.com was sorted by recent posts and that vexforum.com/forum was sorted into the annoying categories but now it doesn’t seem possible to get back to the plain view I always used.

I think I have to check 10 different categories to see if there is an unread thread on the forum.

What do you mean by “plain view?” The new forum appears to be sorted by recent posts, just like the old one.

You can see new posts by clicking up at the top left where it says “all channels” or going to vexforum.com/conversations/all

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is designed this way, but the navigation bar on the right gets cutoff on the bottom (I have to scoll down quite a bit before I can click the “latest” button).

I really like how you don’t have to refresh the page to see if there are any new posts now.

Yup you are right. I had misread it. Everything is taking a while to get used to.

Where is my Avatar? Where is my sig, most importantly where are my private messages? I was in the middle of replying to one this morning when the update started. I’m sure it’s all here somewhere but I’m having a really hard time with the “light” color scheme, how do I change that to something these old eyes can see?

Literally everything he said.

One thing I liked on the old layout was the ability to see the original date and author of a thread when seeing the list of threads (i.e. on the home page). Any chance that can be visible here?

Edit: Another thing, is it possible to see the exact date of something, instead of “XXX ago”? When it’s talking about minutes or hours ago I think it’s nice, but it gets a bit annoying and vague when it gets to “a month ago” or “a year ago”.

Also, links are now shown in full length, and when they’re long they extend past the edge of the post and you need to scroll sideways until the end. It would be nice if these would be shortened like on the old forum.

I actually sort of see you sig Griffin, but just the image link with bbcode tags. Also, how do I find my attachments? I often use that to find old threads. And where is advanced search? How do I find threads by a specific poster? Must be a FAQ somewhere I guess.

So I have been in the process of recreating my account. The sig I added manually and works when I preview it but not on a thread.

When I click your username and go to statistics I can see all threads started by you.

Another way is to use the search bar. When you click it some options will pop up. I was able to find this thread again by clicking on “order by newest” and “contributor:member” and typing in “jpearman.” What actually is written into the search bar is “#order by newest + #contributor:jpearman.”

I use Safari, that doesn’t work, it does in Chrome, but I don’t use Chrome so not very useful.

Edit: Ok take that back, search in the thread does not work that way, search up one level does. My bad.

I’m sure it’s somewhere, but is there a way to click to get to the last message or the first unread message of a thread?

I also just noticed that when you hover over the green dot beside a user’s name you can see which thread they’re looking at. Not sure if I should find that cool or creepy, lol. :slight_smile:

Took a look at my ConVEX thread, most of the bbcode is not working.
Text size, Attachments, things like that, perhaps the migration is still happening.

Yes, it’s over here on the right.

I think it’s nice to see what other people are looking at, but it also keeps me wondering who is looking to see what I’m looking at. (insert laughing face here - is there a way to do that?)
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.12.45 PM.png

Anyone know how to get newest post at the top of the page?

So it looks like all inline attachments (mostly images) are messed up. Links are light grey on white, hard to distinguish from normal text.

Let’s see what one looks like here.

Motor torque speed curve - Rev 2

All my graphs in that post are messed up. How do I select a single post and get a link to that?

I see spam showing up already, am I still a Moderator?

I don’t know if this will keep the threads with the newest posts at the top of the page, but I’ve been using the search bar with “#unread + #order by newest”. The ordering function might do it by thread age, though, and not by newest posts. I’m not sure.

This spam is annoying.