Welcome to the new forum!

Just a test for some bbcode tags that do not work but have been used often in the past.

and now for something completely different…

It is possible to colour the text red green blue -
or whatever

So seriously, where are my private messages? I had a few ongoing discussions a couple of which still needed answering.

who’s confused?
I’m confused!

-This theme is so bright its hard to read. I really enjoyed the contrasting grey and red the old forum had (like everyone else I imagine)
-Navigation is…weird.

I feel like I’m in purgatory :\

Hi James,

We are hoping to get all private messages migrated sometime in the next week or two. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, and appreciate your patience.

@VEX Support

Sorry, to be piling up on you even more complaints - it must be a couple of sleepless night for you already. We understand that it is a non-trivial large scale task, and certainly appreciate your hard work…


  1. There are spurious https:// and double quotation marks in many of the existing links.

  2. While /showthread.php?t=12345 and /showpost.php?p=123456 redirections work, /showthread.php?p=123456 doesn’t: https://vexforum.com/showthread.php?p=393703#post393703

  3. Ellipses to expand quotations are nice, but is there a way not to do that? I didn’t see any customizations in settings. We usually quote only relevant portions of the posts. I would very much prefer large code blocks to be controlled by ellipses rather than quotes.

  4. Are we now limited to the subset of the formatting options as seen in the reply control? A lot of of the old formatting is missing, but this was just reported due to BBCodes not working.

  5. If user name has spaces then @user link only picks the first word.

Also, would it be possible to setup a read-only instance of the old forum and/or let users edit their old posts to correct any missing links or attachments?


  1. Links to the gallery images are broken. I had several gallery images serving as illustrations in the threads (for example, here) and now they are totally gone and could not even be found in the attachments.

  2. There are #8217, #8220, and #8221 codes that show up in the existing posts, where single quote is expected.

  3. Also, post edit box is not sized to the screen view. If you have long post the controls on top of the box are scrolled up with the page. It was nice when those controls were always visible.

  4. This is, obviously, a matter of personal taste, but as an engineer I find circle avatars extremely annoying. Many engineers prefer rectangular shapes. If somebody wants to put a round picture inside a square space it would be easy to do so, but not vice versa. :slight_smile:

jpearman’s avatar just doesn’t look as cool and precise as it used to be, when you run it through some pixel smoothing and resizing algorithm to be squeezed into a small round shape!

So the issue of attachments not appearing as inline images has destroyed the format of many posts.

for example, this

The part of the datasheet most relevant to this post is table 1.

needs to be turned into this

The part of the datasheet most relevant to this post is table 1.

There are hundreds of similar examples to this.

Ok, I had over 900 private messages on the old forum, I keep them around as reference and do a cleanup of old ones once in a while. I don’t remember who most of them were from but search back through the topics sometimes looking for information I sent to others. I did download an archive occasionally but the format is not very friendly to use.

To those students waiting for replies, I’m sorry !

I’m not sure if stickies are working properly. It seems that when I am logged in, stickied posts are ignored and just get sorted down the list like any post. But when I’m on a browser that’s not logged in they’re at the top. Not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to do, but seems a bit odd.

And I know it’s been said before, but the color scheme could be improved a bit. The all white (with some text in a light grey) is a bit hard to look at for a long time, and with barely any color anywhere it is a bit boring compared to the previous layout. Also, I find that the font size is pretty big resulting in less fitting in one window, with decent contrast I would prefer a smaller font.

And the vex forum is now a instant messaging app, woohoo.

And now the you can’t ask a follow up question in a Q&A thread, you have to start a new thread for follow up questions. This is more than a slight inconvenience, the Q&A forum is now going to be cluttered with follow up questions making it harder to make sure you don’t ask a duplicate question.

I agree, I feel this is far to casual for my liking. The old forum had a sort of seriousness to it, now this feels like something I would load on my phone and chat with :confused:

I am sure there will be even more cool modern features that we will discover in the near future.

@VEX Support

The bottom line is:

We, certainly, don’t expect you to fix all the issues with new forum overnight. It took a lot of time and effort to get the old forum to be as good and appealing to many as it was.

It will take more time and more effort to bring this new forum up to the standard again. Many of us have already invested a lot of time and energy into the old forum.

We are willing to invest even more of our time to fix whatever problem migration scripts left behind. We would just need some tools or permissions to do it. We all are working toward the common goal of making this a great resource for our roboteers.

If there are some limitations to the new software - we will understand. If it is more like an instant messaging app, then, maybe, we need to complement it by wiki-type resource for more in depth topics.

Something I always thought would be nice is a chat that off the the side but I don’t like the whole forum being this way.

The forum certainly has an instant messaging feel to it, but that doesn’t mean that’s what it has to be like. I think you can make the posts whatever you want them to be. So far I haven’t seen any content that actually looks like an instant message, which I consider a good thing. If we keep the feel of professionalism in our posts, I don’t think it will be a problem.

Problem is we have “secret threads” that the originator can allow other members to join but are invisible to the public. Several members can be using these threads as chat rooms. It’s already happening.

I don’t think this is going to be a big problem. Only a small number of Q&A’s actually have follow up questions. The vast majority are only posted in again to thank Karthik. Not that I don’t appreciate the work Karthik does, but I do think that a new thread to thank him every time he answers a question will get highly annoying. Maybe we could have a stickied thanking Karthik thread so that once he answers your question you can just post your thanks in there.

In the instance where there are follow questions maybe they can create a thread linking system? Other than that people will just need to add “part 2”, or something similar, to the end of their second thread title so we can identify them.

I think the biggest annoyance of the new forum for me is the colour scheme (or lack of one). It’s not that I don’t like grey, it’s just I like a bit of colour every so often.

I do like that you can tag users, that seems like a cool feature.

I think one of the problems is it really feels like that, so with new members we may end up with shorter, less detailed and more ‘text style’ posts, instead of on the old forum where something like that would look very much out of place.

Thats quite interesting…

@VEX Support Please add the ability to customise the colours! This Grey on white is really bright and sometimes hard to read

Yes, I think customizable colors would help a ton. In my opinion, that should be near the top of their list, since it directly affects usability. It has been one of the most noted differences so far.

Shhhh. Other people might do it and then it isn’t as funny.

One feature that was nice for keeping up on the forum that the old Forum had, was RSS Feeds. I used feedly to keep up on the latest posts. Is there an RSS Feed on the forum or plans to add one?