Welp... This happened. (Interesting buckyball placement)

This happened. During skills.

Methinks they should get those points.

Too bad they don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

This may or may not have happened for us during skills last year: :smiley:
180 Points. (I think.)

I am wondering too. You should ask it at Official VRC Toss Up Q&A

It doesn’t count as it’s not touching the ground plane. But they deserve the points…

I almost asked just as a joke, but I’d only be scolded for not reading the rules :slight_smile:

Why? The rule states that they must be touching the field tiles.

Rule says touching the goal zone, it was made a little ambiguous from the answer to this question yesterday, I had to go back and reread this.


I though that it was OK for the game object to be inside the robot not touching the tiles as that was what was asked, however, the rules do state that the object must be touching the goal zone so I guess it does not count if not on the tiles.

The rule says “touching goal zone”, not goal zone tiles. That makes some confusing. If you watch football Touch Down, you do not have physically touch the Touch Down Zone. You just need to show the ball in the Zone for millionth second.

So, as long as its touching a zone (goal or middle zone) it counts right? Even if it is being touched by the opposing alliance, or your alliance.

Does an objects on a starting tile in the goal zone count then? I really wanted to give that team the extra 1 point. They won skills, so it really doesn’t matter…

Question is " Goal Zone" is 2 dimension or 3 dimension?

I believe it’s 2 dimensions because otherwise the large balls on the barrier would be counted. Thus, one of the buckys wouldn’t count :frowning:

You are right. It should be 2-dimension:

The way I see it is that since it says “touching” the goal zone then a scoring object will not count if it is not touching the floor.
At least that how we see it here in Puerto Rico, in fact, many matches were won because in the very last second the robot lifted some of the scoring objects off the floor.