We're making an iOS scouting app

Hello everybody,

We’re making a scouting app for VEX (and FRC).

So a couple of us over at 2158 went through a really cool program this summer called High School Startup where high school students are encouraged to build things that will be beneficial to themselves and others, so we decided to go ahead and try our hand at making scouting easier.

The idea is that you have a simple interface on your phone on which you can type in all of the robot’s scores in at once, as well as type out notes on each robot, and then later, be able to have compiled statistics on how well each robot scores points in each game interaction.

Once teams have gathered information, they can then, at the push of a button, share it on our website so that others can benefit from the data that you’ve collected.

So I’m posting this now not only to share OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE, but also to get feedback on what y’all think about the concept in general, as well as what things we should add.


Its a good concept, but there are already several Vex scouting apps released, but idk how applicable they would be to FRC https://itunes.apple.com/kz/app/vex-robotics-scouting/id517479633?mt=8

I have this app, but it could use some more updates.


Will you be getting the Forum Members input and using it to help make your app better?

Will this be released for free on the itunes store?

Hey, if it’s a good app and people like it, will you be willing to collaborate with 2059A to make a port for Android? I’m fairly skilled in the Android API.