Were to buy air tanks?

I was wonder if anyone knows were I can buy a second air tank so I don’t have to buy a second kit.:confused:

PLC Center There is a minimum order of $50, so you should either get multiple or a few other pneumatics parts while you are there (also don’t forget to get fittings).

See https://vexforum.com/t/pneumatics/21576/1 for more

I don’t know how many teams are in you’re area but I am sure some of them had more than two air tanks last year and have one sitting around that they can’t use because of the new air tank limit. you might be able to buy one off them. I know I probably would if a team in my area asked me.

I would but my school only lets us buy new parts.:frowning:

Considering they’re SMC parts, your cheapest option (I believe) is ordering from SMC. If you haven’t already ordered a pneumatic kit from VEX I would suggest doing this anyway.


Finding the VEX parts on SMC’s website (in my experience) is rather difficult.
Also, does SMC sell their parts themselves? I thought you had to go through a distributor.

As long as you stup an account on SMC E-Tech you can. The site is quite convenient.

SMC e-tech page


Ah, OK. We might have to use them this year if the prices are better than PLC.
I still can’t find the reservoir, though; a part number search didn’t work. Do you know what category it’s under?

The VEX air tank part number is# US14227S0400

PLCLink: http://www.plccenter.com/en-US/Buy/SMC/US14227S0400

VEX really needs to add this part to there store…

I was talking about on SMC’s website. Oliver already gave us the PLC link.

Yes, that would be nice. They would also kind of need to sell all of the fittings, and I don’t think they’ll do that.