West Salem VEX Tournament Dec. 4

We took five Exothermic teams to the new West Salem, Oregon, tournament on Dec. 4. You can check my Youtube channel for videos as I upload them.

Winning Alliance:
10B Exothermic Robotics, Redmond HS
1812A North Marion Roboteers, North Marion HS

Finalist Alliance: 10A, 10V, 1812B

Excellence: 10D

Judges: 278B, Titan Robotics, West Salem High

Judges: 1460B, Sandy HS

It was a great venue, friendly hosts, and really tough competition. Last year was the first year of VRC in Oregon, and the level of play was (to me) surprisingly high. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from these Oregon teams in the future, especially as they have two more events this season.

oh wow!
now you guys have more competition experience :stuck_out_tongue:
guess well see you and the “upgraded” robots at cambie on the 11th
(or will some teams try to completely remodel their robot in a week :O?!)
been there done that :wink:
WOW just saw the finals vids!
which team was the “roller claw” robot that zipped across the whole field? (10b or 10n?)
looks extremely similar to 254 speed and efficiency!now you got me on the edge
btw was there NO autonomous mode??
and where was 575?!?

how big was the event btw?
there seemed not to be a projector timer (oh the luxury :))
and not much… cheering?

Haha thanks, that was our 3-day robot. We have some issues to sort out, but we’ll probably be ready (possibly with an autonomous) by Cambie! :smiley:

pretty impressive for only three days
btw what was the drive ratio and with what motor distribution?
thx :slight_smile:
already getting ready for when we see you on the field!

Drive was high strength 393 motors in speed mode (about 1.6:1) using large 4 inch omnis. It should be slower than yours, but it seems exceptionally zippy. Two of the back wheels are direct drive while the front ones are using a 1:1 gearing using HS sprockets and chain. Theoretically, it should move at about 2.8 ft/s.

We have 4 motor 269s for the arm geared 1:5. and then two motor 269s for the intake rollers, using bevel gears which reduce the height.

And I was just wondering, what kind of driver skills scores are you achieving?

All the videos I have are now uploaded. I see some questions have gone unanswered.

575 skipped the event to work on their new mild-angle holonomic drive.

There were 19 teams.

The crowd was kind of quiet – they are new to robotics for the most part and I don’t think they knew they were supposed to cheer.

There were some robots with auto, but not many. Most Exo robots were finished the night before, so not much programming. :rolleyes:

3 Exo teams at worlds now! I’ll take a look at the videos when I find some time :wink: We regret not being able to attend Cambie and Salem as we begin preparing for FRC season.

hope to see you guys at a future competition though
worlds? :wink:
it was nice to have met you :slight_smile:
i bet 575 is going to surprise us all :slight_smile:
cmon 575, dont let us down! :wink:

You might have to wait for the Vancouver Island Tournament to see their new robot fully developed. They just found out last night that two of the three members of their drive team won’t be able to attend Saturday.