What a Blast!

We finally got home and near a computer around 1:00am this morning. While our first season was enjoyable beyond our expectations, worlds was beyond words! We learned more in 3 day’s than we had all year, and are really excited about next year.

James Pearman, it was an honor to meet you, we are humbled! You are a gentleman and a scholar, and are a mentor to many!

Kyle, it was great to meet you, and I wish things had gone smoother for you from the start! If we had not gotten stuck on a sack you would have had to work harder to win, but there is no doubt in my mind yours was a more able robot being driven by a better driver. Great match! I agree about the whole re-inspection thing not being done at the right time, they should have done it after the match with a DQ if you failed, but then again I have never been a ref and cannot say that that would have been possible. Good luck with VEX-U, you will rock it too!

Austin, It was good to meet you, I wish we had more time to visit after the match, but I think we all had much to do do before our next rounds. We had to struggle for that win, and you played well!

Tabor, Somehow I would have figured out who you were even without you introducing yourself… You can toss that rule out about 20% of the kids being less cool, I think in your case it’s 90%.

Our robot performed fairly well after a little debugging, the autonomous worked as it should most of the time, the ultrasonic sensors did not work in one match, we got knocked way off course once due to where I placed the robot on the starting tile, and we got blocked by 44 once but it scored every other time. There were a couple of matches we lost beacuse of our alliances either not scoring well or playing defense, or not seaking english and doing their own thing while our opponents had worked out a strategy. We lost the rest due to rookie mistakes on driving or coaching, or just ending up playing against some really superior robots that were driven well.

I think our best case scenario based on our robot and driving would have been 7-3-0 instead of 3-7-0 but we will do better next year with the schooling we got this year. We had competed strongly most of the year seeding in the top 8 often at events where we were frequently head to head against teams like 9090C, Patoral Invasion, DiscoBots, 2158M, etc., but we made the mistake of showing up to worlds with a robot that had been completed the night before we left. Next year we will dance with the one that brought us and not set ourselves up for failure twice in a row!

In short, even if we had been 0-10-0 we would have still had a great time and learned a lot that will benefit us next year, and yes we will be there!

Im glad you had a good time. I love the optimism about the next year. :smiley:

Yah the building the night before is always a killer although we still had problems even though it had performed great the rest of the year, but suf happens. Overall We had a great time.

I tink that the competition as a whole was run very well. The judges were excellent. They listened very well and seemed generally interested in what you had done.

Overall we had a great time at worlds!!!:slight_smile:

My team has done this too!
It seems like that mistake is only made once.

It was definately a plessure to meet you guys! And that match was great! A match with a score difference of 1 scoring object is always fun! It would have been great to talk to you guys more, but we did indeed have a lot to do. But hey, I’m willing to bet we’ll get our chance next year!:smiley:

Pretty sure my team does it every year :stuck_out_tongue:

Every once in a while I wish this forum had a “like” button…

Hey, we’ve won competitions with robots built the night before.

Okay, just one. But still. It’s possible.