What about the RED block? Scoring strategy?

It is September and I don’t see any YouTube robot videos scoring the red blocks. WHY IS THIS? What do you think the scoring strategy of the top teams will be?

Primarily the red blocks are larger and reach higher elevation, but the conformity bonus and the filler bonus (how many blocks per goal) make having lower levels with more cubes score more than higher levels with less cubes.

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I haven’t done the math yet. So suppose I got the level 3 fill bonus: 1 all red, 1 all purple, 1 all green. (Let’s say excluding all the bonus blocks) That would be less than what I have been seeing? Basically all green only. Thanks.

…I did do the math. I think that scenario gets 106.

the red block is very hard to get

1 all red, 1 all purple, 1 all green.

Theoretically speaking that is right. But in real world - complications of trying to pickup and deliver 2 reds to get 2 extra points - absolutely not worth the effort. So any serious strategy to maximize points - will have just knocking them over to get 15 points.

I think the reds were introduced in the game so that beginners elementary teams can score some points - all you need is a robot that can drive, so anybody can get 15 points and be happy :slight_smile: