What am I going to do...

with this!

i just got an NXT for my birthday, it came in the mail in a big box with lots of air packaging in it. Also having a few rolls of duct tape and some orange marking tape I set off to construct this. Then I added a Vex sidebar to attach Vex around the sides while it helps an NXT robot on a mission in the arena. I’m not sure what the game is yet but I put in lots of game objects, pennies, 3" rings, tennis ball, and two balls from lego NXT.

So, any game ideas?

I was thinking of having buttons on the side which the NXT can press to trigger Vex to do things.

this is basically Vex and NXT working together to complete a mission.

Looks crowded


  1. thats the challenge :smiley:
  2. NXT robots are generally small :smiley:

…all in the spirit of gracious professionalism!


(as a larger vex robot runs over a Lego man.)

Looks good! Bit low on space but hey it will make it easy on the sensors.