What am I missing?

As long as they are from VEX Robotics, they are legal this year. Next year’s rules haven’t been posted yet, but it would be very, very surprising if all VEX batteries were not legal for VRC.

Most teams use notebook computers, but there is no rule prohibiting you from bringing a desktop.

The above suggestion to use a jumper is what I would suggest.

Good luck!

Thanks Rick… I am going to try and load it on my laptop and see if it will let me as long as I am not running the program in two different places… If not I will just load it on a jump drive and go from there… We have a really good robot, just not the right equipment :slight_smile:

Good news, found out how to transfer my Easy C license to my personal laptop. Much easier to take to competition. Just one problem, I forgot to save my two different programs, so now I am having to rebuild them :frowning:

ALWAYS have batteries at hand, either robot batteries or controller batteries. Good luck! Hope to compete against you…maybe.