What are Skills ranking scores based upon?

So I know that this year’s Skills score is a combination of Driver and Programming Skills, but for global and state rankings, do they take a team’s highest combined score from a single event? orrrrrr… Do they take the team’s highest Driver skill from any event and combine that with the team’s highest score from any Programming event and then combine those two scores for the ranking?

I have always been under the assumption that it is at a single event, but I could be wrong. Robot Event’s world rankings no longer displays the competition where a skills score was scored, so maybe it is the best from each category combined.

I suppose it’s from the same event, which is why we need a playback program for autonomous…

Yep – single event. They do NOT take your highest driver skills score from one event and add it to your highest programming score from another.

Ok, I totally believe you. But do you know if there is a webpage or document that makes that clear?

It was in the Starstruck official Q&A.

Excellent. Thanks!